About Us

When we came to Mom and asked to open a lemonade stand in order to add a few coins to our piggy banks, she said, “Lemonade stands don’t work on an empty country road. Think of something else.”
So, we turned to what our family does best - farming - and chose to plant a few rows of popcorn. After a successful first harvest, we opened our virtual popcorn stand and sold our inventory in a day.


Natalie picks and husks popcorn for the 2021 season.
Now 10 years in business, some things have changed. Ethan 'Bubba' has taken a step back to focus on growing his own farm. Natalie 'Bug' juggles school, activities and managing the business.
What has stayed the same is the quality of our popcorn, and the fact that this is a true family business.
Dad still reminds us he picked the company name From birth, Mom has called us kids by nicknames - Farm Boy and Farm Princess on her blog; and ‘Bubba’ and ‘Bug’ around the house. So, Dad put them together for Bubba-Bug Popcorn
Natalie & cousins help plant the 2021 season popcorn crop.


Natalie picks the popcorn varieties based on your reviews. Planting and hand-harvesting remains a family affair, as does shelling, drying, cleaning and packaging.

Bubba-Bug Popcorn has given Natalie more than just business experience. She routinely speaks to different groups about her small business and how to manage such a thing as a teen. In 2021, she hooked up with Small Bites Adventure Club in Atlanta, GA and chatted virtually from the shed.

From pink, yellow or white hull-less to miniature rainbow ears and strawberry popcorn, Bubba-Bug Popcorn promises to fill all your snacking and gifting needs.