About Us

      When we came to Mom and asked to open a lemonade stand in order to add a few coins to our piggy banks, she said, “Lemonade stands don’t work on an empty country road.  Think of something else.”


Bubba-Bug Popcorn Farm

So, we turned to what our family does best – farming and chose to plant a few rows of popcorn. Grandpa offered to toss the seed in the planter and finish the job in one pass, but the kids insisted . . . this was their corn. They would do the planting. (Pictured Above) After a successful harvest, we opened our first virtual popcorn stand and sold our inventory in a day.
Now entering our sixth year of business, Dad still reminds us he picked the name Bubba-Bug Popcorn.  From birth Mom has called us kids by nicknames, Farm Boy and Farm Princess on her blog; ‘Bubba’ and ‘Bug’ around the house.  She’s the mom and thinks her nicknames are cute.  So, Dad said, “Put them together to make your popcorn name.”


Bubba-Bug Popcorn Stand


We picked the popcorn – the varieties and time to plant.  We hand pick every ear, shell them with an old hand-cranked sheller, and clean with our newly constructed “quality control” center.  Then we package and deliver to you.


From a white hull-less variety to miniature rainbow ears and strawberry popcorn, Bubba-Bug Popcorn promises to fill all your snacking and gifting needs.